15 Things A Man Can Do To Melt A Womans Heart

Date: 2020-11-01 01:15:01

From cleaning the house, being loyal to her, showing love to children, making her laugh often to being nice to her friends and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Sources: https://pastebin.com/rPp7ErfX

Intro – 0:00
Offering a jacket when she’s cold – 00:47
Opening Doors – 01:12
Send A Cute Morning Text Message – 01:38
Ask Her How Her Day Was – 02:00
How Driven You Are Towards Your Goals – 02:23
Clean The House – 02:54
Be Humble – 03:33
Trust Her – 04:14
Introduce Her To Everyone – 04:51
Be Loyal – 05:16
Show Interest in Her Past – 05:53
Make Her Laugh Often – 06:30
Be Nice To Her Friends – 07:18
Get Creative And Plan A Date – 07:39
Love Animals – 08:03
Show Interest In Children – 08:30


1. Offering a jacket when she’s cold: When a man gives up his jacket for a woman without her asking for it, he’s showing that he’s worried about her being cold. It also proves that he cares for her wellbeing, even if it means forgoing his own comfort.

2. Opening Doors: What does opening a door for a woman say to her? Well, it says that the man who’s not too lazy to get out of the car to open the car door for his lady is at the least, attentive and well-mannered.

3. Send A Cute Morning Text Message: There’s nothing sweeter for a woman than waking up to a “Good morning, beautiful!” text message from the guy she’s into. It’s such a simple gesture, and it’ll go such a long way. After all, have you ever met a girl that didn’t like to be called beautiful and be reminded that you think of her when you wake up? We didn’t think so either!

4. Ask Her How Her Day Was: Taking an interest in her and asking even simple questions will mean a lot to her. Women are used to dealing with guys who don’t put even the minimal amount of effort into them. So, when you sincerely care to ask how her day went or how she’s doing and you truly seem to care, you’re chipping away at the defensive armor she’s wearing.

5. How Driven You Are Towards Your Goals: If you are one of those lazy guys that are content to just barely get by in life, good luck getting a woman to stick around. They may hang around for a little bit but when it becomes clear that just enough is all you can manage to do, then eventually she’ll move on.

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