Signs Your Body Is Retaining Too Much Water

Date: 2020-11-02 03:51:00

In this video, we are going to talk about signs of water retention, as well as ways to fix the issue. Let’s get started with the signs…

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Intro – 0:00
#1 Swollen or Puffy Face – 00:32
#2 Swollen Legs – 01:22
#3 Pain in the Abdomen Area – 02:12
#4 Pain in Legs and Ankles – 03:02
#5 Sudden Weight Gain – 04:00

Some ways to deal with water retention:
#1 Consume More Magnesium – 04:55
#2 Increase Your Vitamin B6 Intake – 05:18
#3 Consume More Potassium – 05:48
#4 Avoid Refined Carbs – 06:18
#5 Stay Hydrated – 06:48
#6 Eat More Dandelions – 07:20


1. Swollen Or Puffy Face
We don’t know if “a face is the index of the mind,” but it definitely is for the body. Whenever your body has issues, your face often shows signs of it.

2. Swollen Legs
In this case, the Earth’s gravity plays a very important role. Gravity helps in keeping your blood pressure low. In this process, it increases the blood pressure in your legs. This causes a leakage of fluid in the tissues, which leads to water retention and swollen legs.

3. Pain In The Abdomen Area
Have you ever woken up to an excruciating amount of pain in the abdomen? One of the reasons for this pain is fluid retention. We have already discussed how gravity keeps your blood pressure low. It’s the same thing in this case. Sitting for too long without moving around can cause this problem at times.

4. Pain In Legs And Ankles
You might have seen this before. You know, the veins in your ankles and legs are bigger? What’s more? You feel the pain every time you move your legs. Sometimes you feel the pain even when you don’t move them. This happens because of water retention. Although this time, sodium isn’t really the enemy. Instead, it might be medication.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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