8 Childhood Habits That Are Destroying Your Health

Date: 2020-11-02 15:45:00

Do you still lug around a heavy backpack? How about bite your nails? Wait, you don’t drink milk by the gallon anymore do you? We’re talking all that AND more.

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Sources: https://pastebin.com/7S06uNYt

Intro – 0:00
1. Drinking lots of milk: 00:27
2. Carrying a heavy backpack: 01:36
3. Not wearing sunscreen: 03:23
4. Biting your nails: 04:34
5. Eating too quickly: 06:02
6. Not properly brushing: 7:06
7. Chewing on your pen: 08:17
8. Constantly using your phone: 09:38


1. Drinking lost of milk
It’s common knowledge these days that drinking lots of milk into your adult years is unnecessary. While a cool refreshing glass as a grown up feels great, milk consumption is especially crucial during your developing years. After all, a single glass contains around 29% of your daily calcium intake.

2. Carrying a heavy backpack
Much like drinking milk, the effects of carrying a heavy backpack as we age are shown to be serious. Also like milk, this is something we begin doing as little ones.

3. Not wearing suncreen
There was a reason our parents applied our sunscreen as kids. Without them, we probably wouldn’t have done it at all. Even if you are putting it on, you’re probably not doing it properly.

4. Biting your nails
This one should be a given, but apparently some of you still need a reminder.While about 50% of kids from the ages of 10 to 18 bite their nails, little did we know it is actually a sign of emotional imbalance. If we continue this habit throughout our adult years, expect several unpleasant results.

5. Eating too quickly
Eating slowly can reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity. If we begin teaching this to children, they will be much healthier. It is recommended that people take longer than 20 minutes to eat their meal. This way, your body has time to tell your brain that you are full. Children are eating way too quickly.

For more details, please watch the video until the very end.

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