Bizarre Ways To Diet That People Really Try (Part I)


A time existed when the concept of exercise (for women) in Pakistan was to either wipe the floors (taaki as you might call it) or hitting your butt against a wall repetitively to reduce its size (true story) but “dieting” as we know it today was a not so popular topic back then. Our burhey buzurg when hearing of dieting they start telling us of their time and how these “modern diets” are ridiculous and a waste of time.

But in the 21st century no matter how advanced we get we still do some pretty strange stuff in the name of diets. We, at Nutright, care about you and your health so we bring you a list of diets that are as weird as they sound and what is even weirder; is that people claim to practice them for real! (DISCLAIMER: DO NOT TRY THESE AT HOME.)


The Blood Type Diet


Science has probably run out of ideas when it claims that weight loss and gain depend on our blood types. If that were true guys wouldn’t all A+’s look the same just like people assume that just cuz you are a particular zodiac, you’re like every other moron of the same sign they’ve met. This diet states that every blood type should eat particular food to manage its weight like:

  • (O +/-): should eat animal proteins, avoid dairy and grains and should PROPERLY exercise.
  • A+: should have a fresh, organic and vegetarian diet.
  • B+: can eat everything as they apparently have a good metabolism and should exercise their butts off (and why not when you’re eating everything?)
  • AB+: should do both of A and B (how is that even possible)

The Beyoncé Diet


The Beyoncé diet or the lemonade diet (geddit? lemonade) is not a Beyoncé inspired diet, actually, the name is such because Beyoncé reportedly follows it. The lemonade diet obviously consists of you drinking lemonade and not the desi version. It’s a 10-day plan in which you got no food just lemonade. Even if you love lemonade having it for 10 days straight, wouldn’t that make you cranky? Because all you having is a gallon of liquefied sour lemons for 240 hours.

The HCG Diet


Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. HCG is a hormone; human chorionic gonadotropin produced by pregnant women. This hormone is injected into your system (not just once) and you are allowed only 500 calories per day and that causes weight loss. This injection is legal but in addition to that, you are given HCG drops, pellets, and sprays; which are all illegal btw. A 500 cal diet? I don’t think it’s the hormones doing the weight loss but what they do to your body. These hormones are the cause to develop a heavy chest and gallstones, blood clots, irregular heartbeat and urinary problems in humans in general.

The Baby Food Diet


Ah, babies, and their food. Ever tried Cerelac? Goodness, it’s good! A diet where you have to eat Cerelac until you lose weight would be fun right? But life is not that nice. You don’t get to eat Cerelac, you have to eat 14 JARS of gooey baby stuff every single day and nothing else. That stuff tastes nasty okay, even babies don’t eat it and it’s their food! This diet claims that its low in fiber and is good for the body but tell me honestly, have you ever seen a size zero baby?




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