Debunking 5 myths about fillers


Beauty & Skin Health  

There are many questions that you may have when considering whether or not to invest in fillers like Juvéderm®, which can help add volume to the lips, cheeks, & mid-face area. So, we asked our aesthetic experts to weigh in.


Common misconceptions about Fillers


Myth #1: Fillers make you look “fake”

When done correctly by our experienced injectors here at Red Mountain, you will simply look refreshed. Injecting fillers is our expertise and is something our staff does all day, every day. Our injectors have extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy and the aging process and undergo cutting-edge trainings routinely.


Myth #2: Fillers are painful

There can be some mild discomfort associated with your filler treatment. However, the family of Juvéderm® fillers available at Red Mountain are formulated with Lidocane, a numbing medication, which helps to greatly decrease pain at the time of injection.

In addition, we also offer a topical numbing medication that can be applied prior to your treatment, to ensure a more comfortable experience.


Myth #3: There is a lot of bruising & downtime afterwards

Typically, patients only experience  minimal bruising and swelling. Most of our patients are able to go back to their normal routine right away, & any bruising that occurs can usually be concealed with make-up. Swelling can be minimized with ice and usually resolves within 48-72 hours.


Myth #4: Fillers are expensive

When paired with Allē points or a monthly special, filler treatments are very affordable.


Myth #5: Fillers must be re-done frequently

The majority of our Juvéderm® fillers last 9-12 months or longer. Thus, this requires only annual touch-ups and treatments.


Myth #6: Fillers are permanent

We are confident that you will be highly satisfied with your results, however, all of our filler products are completely reversible! In all of our clinics, we actually offer medication that breaks down the filler and dissolves the product quickly, if needed. 



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