Make the Holidays Healthier


Healthy & Happy  

Break unhealthy habits during the holidays like overeating & making poor food choices with these tips.


Celebrations like Thanksgiving are traditionally centered around mealtime. However, in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is important to incorporate your learned knowledge of nutrition & portion control into your festivities.


You don’t have to give up the traditions you love in order to stay on track! The trick is to transform your thinking and come up with new, innovative ways to enjoy the day.


Easy ways to bring health to the table


Use substitutions




There are plenty of ingredient swaps you can make in order to turn a traditionally unhealthy dish into a diet-friendly one! For instance, instead of mashed potatoes, you can prepare cauliflower mash. Or, instead of green bean casserole, you can prepare green beans by roasting or sautéing them.


Get healthy Thanksgiving recipe ideas by clicking here.



Say “no” to food pushers




Although someone may pressure you to eat something you do not want to eat or eat more than you would like, it is important to stay strong! You have no obligation to submit to the desires of food pushers – just say “no thank you”. You are in control of your own destiny!


Click here to learn more about how to deal with food pushers.



Use the H.A.L.T. method




The H.A.L.T. method is a great tool to use when you are looking to change your behavior when it comes to making food choices. The acronym H.A.L.T. stands for Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, or Tiredness – the 4 feelings that you should take into consideration that you might be trying to suppress when you have an urge to indulge.


By stepping back and reflecting on your emotions, you may find that your urges may be better satisfied in a different way.


Struggling with self control? Read Dr. Kim’s blog: 5 Tips for Better Self-Control



Looking for a partner to help guide you through your weight loss journey? Click here to request an appointment to meet with one of our licensed medical providers.

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