Top Eating Mistakes To Avoid


There are a few eating mistakes that we do knowingly or unknowingly ! I am listing the Top Eating Mistakes To Avoid.


Not caring to read Food Labels

Marketers in the food industry are big liars ! I don’t blame them. After all, its their job to sell whatever the company produces.So they market the product in a healthy sounding way by putting misleading labels. Adding tiny winy healthy ingredient does not make a processed food any better ! Need help in reading food labels ? Read here.

Ignoring raw foods

Nutrition being so simple has become a really complicated matter. People want to eat super foods like quinoa, fancy foods like asparagus. The point I am trying to make here is only eating super foods wont help if you are not eating raw foods like fruits n veggies. Human race was fit when they eat all natural and today we know about obesity and calories, thanks to junk and processed food. If any food item has a long chemical sounding ingredient list, run away from it 😛

Drinking Fruit Juice

Are you drinking fruit juice thinking its healthy ? You would want to give a second thought after reading here.

Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein is the most important nutrient. Out body burns more calories to process protein and hence taking higher protein can help you lose weight. Protein controls appetite and increases fat burning. I will review a protein supplement next month after using it for a few days.

Eating ‘Healthy’ Whole Wheat

Oooh yeah, my favorite point of discusson 😛 . I wana salute to the person who marketed whole wheat, hats off ! Whole Wheat is not always healthy. You may ask why ! Thing is its often accompanied by a lot of unhealthy ingredients. Wheat is digested quickly and can raise blood sugar level. Wheat has gluten which is known to have caused serious diseases and known diseases like cholestrol. I will write more about Gluten sesitivty in the upcoming posts. In short, whole wheat is assumed to be healthiest grain, not true !

Avoiding Fat


Fat does not make us Fat. We need good fats to burn the belly fat. If you mother gives you Desi Ghee on your chapattis, please accept. Just make sure that ghee is not burnt, its best form of use is putting in cooked daals and over chapattis or rice. Fats increase the good cholesterol(HDL). Avoid man made fats like trans fats.

Using Artificial Sweeteners

Sucaralose, aspartame, sichhirin – all are BAD. Read the reviews here. Use organic jaggery,stevia, raw honey.

Counting Calories

I don’t deny that calorie counting is not important. But its not at all the only mantra to lose weight. Some people concentrate on portion control and eat right kind of food to lose weight. Some people who can’t eat less have a viable option – reduce sugar and carbd, increase protein and fat without counting calories.

Did you ever thought about these Top Eating Mistakes To Avoid ?


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